Staay Food Group joins the SIFAV 2025

Staay Food Group has joined the latest Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV). This agreement should make an active contribution to achieving a sustainable supply chain of fresh fruit and vegetables on an economic, environmental, and socially responsible level.

Minimizing impact foodproduction
At Staay Food Group, we are guided by our mission to ensure optimal availability of healthy, fresh, and safe food in everything we do. To guarantee this, we have been investing in cultivation and shortening supply chains. This not only increases our influence on product availability and quality, but also growing conditions. This enables us to keep the impact of food production on people and the planet to a minimum.

Since Staay Food Group grows some of its own crops and participates in the cultivation of crops in different countries, the company has a direct influence on issues such as working conditions, paying a living wage, CO2 emissions, and water consumption. Joining the SIFAV means that Staay can maximise its impact alongside industry counterparts in order to further increase the sustainability of fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains.

Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables – IDH – the Sustainable Trade Initiative (

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